Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation policy? 

There are no refunds for missed lessons as that spot has been sold. Partial session refunds are not available. Full refunds are only available if notice of cancellation is received prior to seven days before the start of the student's first class.

how long will it take Me or my child to learn how to swim?

Each student is different and learning speeds will vary. Some students remain in the same level for more than one session before progressing to the next level - especially beginners. Students are not expected to become experts after 8 lessons. We ask you to be patient and give yourself and your student time to build confidence, coordination, and comfort in the water. It may take longer than you initially anticipate.

What happens if my child is in the wrong level?

Please read the Level Descriptions carefully and contact us with any questions. We will evaluate your child on the first day and determine if they were signed up for the correct level. In the event a level change needs to be made we will make the change providing the level is offered and has not reached maximum enrollment. 

What does my child need to bring?

Please bring your child ready to swim in his or her swimsuit with sunscreen applied. Goggles are optional.

Do you offer a swim team?

Pacific Swim School does not have a swim team. Check out for a year-round swim team option.